For The Record

Jesse J. Anderson

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For The Record

Hey friends,

Last week, I spent the better part of a day trapped in a closet with nothing but a microphone, a script, and a producer in my headphones telling me every time I mispronounced a word. Which was a lot.

Finally recording the audiobook version of Extra Focus was so exciting!

Reading aloud the words from a book you’ve written is a strange experience. Sentences that seem normal on the page can sound alien when you try to say them.

I had to figure out how I wanted to pronounce words like “either” for the book. I didn’t even realize I pronounced it multiple ways until forced to record it for all time. It turns out, my pronunciation is more situational than a strict rule.

Anyways, I’m so excited to be able to share this with everyone! I know a lot of ADHDers prefer audiobooks (some exclusively so!), so I can’t wait to get this out and available for your headphones.

Reader Feedback on Atomic Habits

Last week, I wrote about Atomic Habits and questioned if it was effective for people with ADHD. I got a lot of great email responses with some feedback and suggestions for other books they have found helpful for ADHD.

Ashley said:

I've actually found the "crux" of his suggesting, the 1% improvements, to be incredibly helpful for me to help overcome overwhelm, so that I can think about doing the smallest thing and building on that habit. Combine that with "loving kindness" to myself to be okay with not being perfect.

Totally agree with this. There are certainly helpful principles to be found in Atomic Habits, when approached from a mindset of taking what works for you, and mindset can be a big part of that!

Glynnis shared some advice from author Becca Syme:

Question the Premise - Just because it works for everyone else doesn't mean it's right for you, avoiding "should."

And here are a few specific book recommendations from readers (I’ve bolded a couple that I’ve read and really enjoyed):

Thanks Patty, Stuart, Kathleen, Whitsitt, John (and everyone else who wrote)!

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

PS: In addition to the audiobook, I’m working on a couple more exciting things that I cannot WAIT to tell you about! One of them I’m calling The Otter Project, and it has my designer brain extremely excited... The other is The Diamond Project, and it’s something people have been asking for and I can’t wait to share it…

Is that too much of a tease? Sorry not sorry. 😅