Get your Plan Your Extra Focus Year 2024 workbook!

📝 Download the 2024 workbook today!

Jesse J. Anderson

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Get your Plan Your Extra Focus Year 2024 workbook!

Hey friends,

I’ve been doing annual reviews for years now and always found them extremely valuable for learning from the past, remembering to celebrate what went well (so important!), and starting off a new year or new season on the right foot with a general plan for direction and focus.

I’ve never done well with traditional planners that feel rigid and strict. But deciding my focus or theme for the year (and defining some goals and aspirations) can be infinitely valuable.

I designed the Plan Your Extra Focus Year 2024 workbook so you can do it too!

It’s a 40+ page workbook that introduces the SPARK model, a unique framework guiding you through 🌟 Spotlight, 🔍 Prioritize, 💭 Aspire, 🗺️ Roadmap, and 💪 Keep Going – each step a conversation with yourself to foster introspection and practical planning.

And it’s available now!

Here’s how you can download your copy of the Plan Your Extra Focus Year 2024 workbook:

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Live workshop

Don’t forget: I’m also hosting a live workshop this Friday at 11am-1pm Pacific (2-5pm Eastern) where we’ll walk through the workbook together and body-double as we work on our plan for the upcoming year!

Sign up at to get reminders and the link to join. Make sure you have the workbook downloaded and ideally printed out already!

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. I was recently a guest on The ADHD Lounge podcast where we talked a lot about Success Amnesia specifically (and a whole lot more). Check it out! 🎙️

The story of ADHD - your “potential” lands you in the gifted program, but your executive function issues escort you out.

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