It All Makes Sense Now

Jesse J. Anderson

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It All Makes Sense Now

Hey friend,

I'm currently reading an early copy of It All Makes Sense Now by my friend, Meredith Carder, and it's so good!

Seriously, you should go pre-order it now.

It All Makes Sense Now by Meredith Carder

It has a lot to say about ADHD and is full of great tips and strategies. But the thing I love most is just hearing stories of the different struggles Meredith has endured because of her ADHD.

There's something so validating about hearing the stories of someone else, someone who's been blindsided by ADHD in a number of ways.

It's validating because for so long I thought I was just a screw up.

That I continued to fail and it was my fault somehow, though I had no idea what I could do differently. That I just kept getting in my own way.

It can be a very isolating feeling.

Books like Meredith's help remind us that we aren't alone. Sometimes these stories can be devastating—especially in the moment—but other times they can bring joy in the absurdity, hilarity, and just "classic ADHD"-ness of what it's like to live with ADHD.

It’s helpful for reminders that we aren’t alone in our ADHD journeys, and I encourage you to share your story as well. Sharing has helped me to shed a lot of the shame and guilt that I built up over year's of thinking I was just broken. Know you aren't alone.

We're weird brains, but weird brains together. 🙃

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. I actually had Meredith do a guest live class on Overcoming ADHD Overwhelm a couple of months ago—as well as a live Q&A which was so much fun! Paid Extra Focus supporters can access the recording here.