Reader Favorites: Apps and Strategies

Jesse J. Anderson

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Reader Favorites: Apps and Strategies

Hey friend,​

Last week I talked about overcoming toxic productivity and many of you shared some of your favorite apps and strategies that have been helping you out lately! So many great ideas and suggestions.

Here are some of my favorites:


Hugo shares this tip for getting the motivation moving:

Picking 2 things to do the day before. They can take a long time (record a podcast episode) or take little time (book a visit with house cleaners). It’s been working great. I essentially let myself do whatever from my todo list after I get those 2 things done. If I feel energetic, I work on other tasks, If I don’t have the energy, I goof off, what matters is that I got those 2 things done so I feel with more agency throughout the week and life in general.

I love the focus on "progress, not perfection" with this from Priit:

for me personally it's some half-arsed pomodoro - yes I procrastinate and wiggle away from doing stuff but if I clock in enough check-ins on given task then eventually comes the "a-ha" moment on the toilet seat that leads to the completion of the task.

Body-Doubling Apps

I love the body-doubling strategy, and these apps are a couple of great ways to collaborate with others to get stuff done! (I'm an affiliate of both so if you try them out and decide to pay, you'll be helping support me as well—thank you!)

The Sukha Company
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Productivity Apps

Llama Life
They just released a mobile version of their app which has been very popular among ADHDers with their innovative approach to tackling your todo lists with built-in timers! Thanks Renee for the suggestion

“It’s basically a habit tracker crossed with a tamagotchi!” — Jessie, Extra Focus reader

“It’s probably best described as a digital bullet journal but it undersells it. It’s the only ‘organizer’ I’ve stuck with for more than 6 months. In fact, I’ve been using it for 3 years. Wild.” — Stu, Extra Focus reader

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson