14,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Jesse J. Anderson

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14,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Hey friend,

Today marks a significant day for me. It’s the 6-month anniversary of launching my book, Extra Focus: The Quick Start Guide to Adult ADHD!

When I started writing Extra Focus, I had a simple goal in mind. An easy-to-read book with all the information about ADHD that I wish I’d known from the start. I wanted to create a resource to empower people, so they would no longer feel broken or alone, but understood.

As a first-time author, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been amazed with the awesome milestones it’s hit:

  • Over 360 Amazon reviews (and 450+ on GoodReads)!
  • More than 14,000 copies sold worldwide!
  • Countless lives touched by the power of understanding and self-acceptance!

And just this month, Extra Focus received a review from Publisher’s Weekly! 😱

Anderson debuts with a pragmatic guide to help adults with ADHD harness their unique skills and understand the thought patterns underpinning them…

Anderson's take your pick, low-stakes approach (readers should seek strategies that work for now and switch them up frequently) will appeal to those looking to simplify their day-to-day lives. Newly diagnosed readers in particular will find this a useful starting point.

Read the full Publisher’s Weekly Review of Extra Focus here

It sometimes feels weird to celebrate things going well, but I’m all too aware of how success amnesia can cause us to downplay our wins, so I’m embracing it!

The book is changing lives!

I’ve heard from so many people who finally know they aren’t broken, or that finally understand their daughter or partner with ADHD.

Here’s to an amazing first six months of Extra Focus, and to the adventure ahead! I’ve got a few related projects already in the works…

  • The Audiobook
  • The Otter Project (clear some space on your shelf...)
  • The Diamond Project (🤫)

Thanks for being part of this adventure. I appreciate you, and none of this would’ve happened without you. 💙

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. Could you do me a favor? If you read the book and it helped you feel understood and accepted or impacted you in another way, could you leave a quick review on Amazon? Reviews are the best way to thank an author, and I read every single one.

  • ​Extra Focus on Amazon​ (scroll to the reviews and click the “Write a customer review” button)
  • If you aren’t sure what to write, just say what you liked most about the book and who you would recommend it to.

You can also leave a review on GoodReads, but to be honest, those can be a bit more harsh. So I really appreciate them but don’t actually read them. That’s just self-care. 😅